The everyday | January.

It's been a year friends, but we're back.
Here's a look into the everyday of two households for January, 2017.

The everyday | january.

Happy end of January friends!
It's been a great (and cold) start to 2016! 
Here is a look into the everyday life of oaks & piper!

xx Oaks & Piper xx

Maine | 2015

During our time in Massachusetts, we had the opportunity to go to Maine for the day! So here are some photos from our adventures there! 

This is uncle buddy, uncle buddy is the kind of fellow who has a story for everything. He's also an extremely gifted storyteller, among about a million other things. He's an extraordinary man who lives for Jesus in every way. 

The Maine coast made me think of Anne of green gables! 

Oaks being the CUTEST.

Mama W and Mum B <3

This is Brighton, he's Oak's brother.

I miss this place so much! It's so beautiful.

This was shot through a chain fence that was keeping us from entering this epic abandoned building...

And those are our adventures! There are more to come!

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xx Piper xx